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CLASSIC THUNDERBIRDS - 1955-1957-Use Premium Fuel-Radial tire pressure should be 35 psi-The original temperature and Fuel gauges  are not always accurate.  Installation of aftermarket gauges is recommended if you desire more accurate readings.- Use 160 degree thermostat and six blade fan for better cooling-Remove exhaust control valve (heat riser). These stick with age and corrosion, are a major source of overheating and often cause exhaust manifolds to crack.-Expect some small oil leaks-The more the vehicle is driven the better it performs-Modern 10W30 oils no longer have enough zinc additive for the flat tappet camshafts these cars came with. Use engine oil with zinc additive  like Shell Rotella T or AMZOIL ZRod synthetic, otherwise a zinc additive must be used with your regular 10W30 brands like ZDDP brand additive.Here's an interesting quote from Edelbrock Carburetors on their installation instructions. Edelbrock Carburetors are not calibrated for or compatible with alcohol race fuel or E85 pump fuel. Use of alcohol or E85 in your carburetor WILL DAMAGE YOUR CARBURETOR AND VOID WARRANTY.  THESE FUELS CAN ALSO DAMAGE OTHER FUEL COMPONENTS, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR USE WITH ALCOHOL FUELS.  Meaning mechanical fuel pumps and older electrical fuel pump can also be damaged using E85 because the seals and components can't handle it without damage.CLASSIC HOT RODS - see picture below 429 power!