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Our services include: 
   BAT Blasting does Media Blasting here at RT Classics             Blasting cost is $30 per hour/per part          
• Let me finish your project car/garage space "taker-upper" With major repairs, Free towing within 25 miles 
Engine Tuning including valve adjustment
Carburetor repair and overhaul 
Driveability Diagnostics 
Clutch Service 
Automatic & Standard Transmission Service, Repairs, Overhaul 
Engine Service, Repairs , Overhaul
Brake Service and Repairs 
Cooling System Service and repair 
Steering and Suspension Service 
Electrical Diagnosis and Repair 
Pre-purchase Vehicle Evaluations 
Accessories installed(Cruise control, air conditioning, etc) 
Modifications for improvement such as 12 volt conversion, disk brakes installation, electronic ignition, electric cooling fans, replace ring and pinion, etc
If you just need an oil change, an entire engine replaced or you have an electrical problem that is driving you crazy, my shop has the solution for your auto maintenance and repair needs.